Pure Health Pharmacy Services

At Pure Health Pharmacy, our goal is to provide each of our patients with a seamless experience that is hard to find at national chains. We offer a comprehensive range of goods and services aimed at enhancing the overall health of our patients. We are your one-stop shop for all health-related needs, from prescription filling to immunizations.

1. Pharmacy Services

At Pure Health Pharmacy, we offer a variety of pharmacy services including:

  • Prescription Refills and Transfers
  • Medication Adherence Support
  • Medication Therapy Management
  • Travel Vaccinations
  • Compounding
  • Health Screenings

2. Medication Adherence Services

At Pure Health Pharmacy, we offer medication adherence support to help our patients take their medications as prescribed. We also provide:

  • Prescription Refills and Transfers
  • Medication Therapy Management
  • Travel Vaccinations
  • Compounding
  • Health Screenings

3. Medication Therapy Management Services

Medication Therapy Management (MTM) is a program designed to help patients manage their medications and health conditions. At Pure Health Pharmacy, we provide MTM services through virtual medication reviews that involve reviewing your medication list and treatment schedule in collaboration with your doctor and insurance plans. We will identify any issues, modify your current medications, and provide you with the best possible quality of life

Our MTM services include checking for possible side effects and drug interactions, determining the best time to take your medication, and working with your doctor to modify or add new medications to your therapy.

If you are interested in our MTM services, please give us a call to speak with our pharmacist.

4. Health Screening Services

Are you looking for a health check-up without having to visit the doctor's office? At Pure Health Pharmacy, we offer on-site health tests to help you better understand your health. Health screenings are essential for monitoring the development of chronic conditions such as diabetes and hypertension. We provide our patients with free blood pressure examinations to help them maintain their health, and we also educate them on topics such as diabetes and cholesterol.

5. Immunizations

  • Flu vaccines
  • Vaccines required before entering school
  • A vaccine to prevent pneumonia
  • A vaccine to prevent shingles

6. Medication Synchronization

Do you ever forget to have your prescriptions refilled or pick them up? If the answer is YES, you might benefit from medication synchronization. The pharmacy offers a service called "med synchronization," also referred to as "med sync," to help you coordinate your prescription refills so you can pick up all of your medications on the same day each month.

7. Pet medication compounding

We also offer pet medication compounding services, where we can customize medications to meet the unique needs of your pets. Compounding medications for pets can be beneficial for pets that have difficulty swallowing pills or require specific dosage forms. Our team of pharmacists works closely with veterinarians to ensure that the medications are tailored to meet your pet's individual requirements.

8. SINGLE DOSE (Pill Pack)

We can pack your daily medications, taken at different times of the day, in separate single-dose packs. These packs provide accuracy, convenience, and safety, reducing the chances of missing a dose or doubling up. We are now accepting new patients for our Single Dose service and are available to transfer your prescriptions. Please call us for more details.